Today is an extraordinary event for European High Education Area #EHEA MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE 2020

Embrace the challenge, create new opportunities and cancel differences

The EHEA Rome 2020 Ministerial Conference will be an opportunity to reinforce cooperation between countries for a better future in higher education, to increase the number of countries participating in the EHEA with the entry of San Marino in the process and to reflect on the next decade of the EHEA.

The Conference will provide an opportunity to foster a debate on our common objectives for the next decade of the EHEA and further strengthen our cooperation, thereby ensuring a better future for our higher education systems and our societies. It is essential that our work be constructive and forward looking, taking a long view of the challenges, obstacles and opportunities we face. The pandemic itself tells us that cooperation and reciprocal support is key to furthering our goals, and that diversity, in a context of comparability and connection, is at the foundation of European academic excellence.

The EHEA Rome 2020 Ministerial Conference will take place for the first time in virtual format and will be viewable by all thanks to the live streaming of the event which will start at 9:00 (CET) on 19 November.


If you are intrested you can follow the event on site



Policy Input for European High Education Area: Focus on #DoctoralTraining and #DoctoralCandidates


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