EURODOC Conference 2021

EURODOC Conference 2021

14-15 July, 2021

Meet the speakers of


Inge van der Weijde (President of PhDCentre)

Inge conducts both qualitative and quantitative research on the work experiences and evaluation of early career researchers in order to better understand career development of researchers within and outside academia. Since 2020 Inge is the president of the Centre of Expertise for the Dutch PhD training.

Iryna Hubeladze (Plan S officer and BFUG officer at Eurodoc)

Iryna Hubeladze is a volunteer at Eurodoc. Recently, she represented Eurodoc as Bologna Follow Up Group Officer and PlanS Officer and she is responsible for cooperation with BFUG and cOAlitions S.

Gemma Modinos (Chair of YAE)

Dr Modinos is the Chair of the Young Academy of Europe (YAE), a pan-European network of top young scientists and scholars with outspoken views about science, science policy, and policy for science.

Gábor Kismihók (Research Group Leader at TIB)

Dr. Gábor Kismihók is the head of the Learning and Skills Analytics Research Group at the Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology (TIB) in Hannover, Germany. He is the Chair of the

Career Development Working Group at the Marie Curie Alumni Association.

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