Program of the 10th International Youth Science Forum “Litteris et Artibus”

If not otherwise stated, the forum live streaming will be on the official Facebook page and the Forum website

Please note that we use the Ukrainian time zone (Eastern European Time, UTC+2). The program is subject to change.

Forum Program

Thursday, Nov 25

10:00-10:15 – Official Forum Opening

10:15-13:00 – Plenary Session

Gareth O’Neill (Technopolis Group) – The Future of Research Data

Giulia Malaguarnera (OpenAIRE) – Opening up your research workflow

Yuri Demchenko (University of Amsterdam) – FAIR data principles, Data Stewardship and beyond

Yuliia Ovchynnykova (Ukrainian MP) – The Emerald Network

Wojciech Wodo (Wrocław University of Science and Technology) – Cybersecurity challenges of contemporary digital world

Vitalii Miroshnychenko (GlobalLogic) – AI for failure monitoring

13:00-14:00 – Lunch break

14:00-17:00 – Open Science Session

Oleksandr Berezko (LPNU/Eurodoc) – Presentation of the current state of Open Science in Ukraine and Ukraine’s National Plan for Open Science

Panel Discussion on National Open Science Plan

Grygoriy Mozolevych (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)

Oksana Brui (Ukrainian Library Association)

Tetiana Yaroshenko (National University of Kyiv Mohyla Аcademy)

Iryna Kuchma (EIFL)

Pavlo Zhezhnych (LPNU, OPTIMA Project)

Gareth O’Neill (Technopolis Group)

Olesia Vashchuk (Young Scientists Council at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)

Oleksandr Berezko (LPNU/Eurodoc, moderator)

Friday, Nov 26

11:00-13:00 – Parallel session 1 – Focus Session for Open Research Europe

Please note that this session will be live-streamed on this website page via YouTube.

11:00-13:00 – Focus session

Part 1: What is Open Peer Review?

Michael Markie (F1000 Research). Introduction to Open Science and Open Peer Review.

Oleksandr Berezko (LPNU/Eurodoc). Eurodoc Survey on Publishing in Open Science for ECRs.


Part 2: Open Peer Review in Practice

Kelly Woods (F1000 Research). Open Peer Review on ORE.

Speaker TBA. Publishing in ORE – how the open peer review works.



10:00-18:00 – Parallel session 2

10:00-13:00 – Online Forum Sessions

Humanities and Social Sciences

F.W.J. van Geelkerken. TORrific privacy protection?

Tekle Kobakhidze. Anhedonia, Covid-19 stress and coping in Georgia

Stefan Reichmann. Open Peer Review in Ukraine – A Scoping review into Prospects for Implementation

Tamar Karaia, Salome Dundua. How the Political Opportunities Matter: Urban Social Movement in Georgia

Lasha Matiashvili. Phenomenology of Affective Togetherness

Ketino Shengelia. Georgian media tendencies in covering the issues of IDPs from Abkhazia

Giorgi Jgharkava. Issues of the structure of proverbs of Kartvelian (South Caucasian) languages

Mariana Senkiv, Viktoriia Tserklevych. Prerequisites of development of an accessible tourism for everyone in the European Union

Computer Science and Engineering

Haci Mehmet Baskonus, Zulqurnain Sabir. Design of stochastic numerical procedures for the numerical treatment of the nonlinear terrorism system to examine the emigration and migration effects

Mykola Khobzei, Mykhailo Apostolyuk, Kseniia Andriichuk, Yevheniia Derevesnikova. Demonstration of functionality of wire media unit cell of two types

Khrystyna Zub. Application of support vector machine method for prediction HEI entrants` admission success

Anton Toniavskyi, Anatoliy Ihnatovych. Hardware and Software Platform for Hydroponic System Control using reinforced learning methods

Ruslan Hrybchuk, Аnatoliy Ihnatovych. Non-planar 3D-printing research realization methods

13:00-14:00 – Lunch break

14:00-18:00 – Online Forum Sessions

Economics and Management

Agnieszka Dziubińska, Katarzyna Kern. Development of adaptive competences of organization on the bases of the Balanced Score Card methodology. Example of enterprise from the energy sector

Alper Ateş, Mehmet Şahin, Halil Sunar. Digitalization Activities in Turkish Food and Beverage Sector during COVID-19 Pandemic

Mehmet Şahin, Alper Ateş, Halil Sunar. Managerial changes with COVID-19 in tourism businesses

Levani Kikilashvili. Development of Green technology-based business in Georgia Greenhouses

Lidiia Bondarenko. Practical efficiency of using capital buffers to stabilize economic crisis during the covid-19 pandemic

Biotechnology, Ecology, and Sustainable Development

Jörn Schultheiß, Mariana Senkiv, Martin Reiss. Digitizing cultural landscapes – a contribution for a sustainable landscape development

Ali Hamidian. Biodiversity Management using Indigenous Ecological Knowledge, a Case Study from Central Iran

Katsiaryna Hancharova, Anatoly Batyan, Pavel Demeshko. Distribution by gender and age of patients who treated according to the radical program of head and neck cancer stages I-III of the Brest Regional Oncological Dispensary for the period 2016-2018

Amir Hajiali, Iryna Koval. Harmful Effects of Heavy Metals Existing in Industrial Wastewater and the Necessity of their Removal in the Treatment Process

Myroslava Polutrenko. Manufacture of craft paper from vegetable raw materials

Natalia Pryshliak. Biofuel production as a component of ensuring energy security of Ukraine

Oksana Shcherbak, Oksana Lyzohub. Prospects of application of artificial fertilization for obtaining pig embryos in vitro

Elvira Dzhumelia, Vladyslav Dzhumelia. Influence of Industrial Waste Storages on Indicators of Fishery Purpose Water Quality in Mining and Chemical Enterprises Zone

Ilona, Petenko. Candida utilis – promising producers of feed protein.

Daria Oshytok, Viktoriya Havryliak. Effects of ribosome structural proteins on the accuracy of translation and prospects for applications of their functions in biotechnology and genetic engineering

Kateryna Hutsko, Romana Petrina. Investigation of the influence of growth regulators on the growth of callus biomass Carlina acaulis

Saturday, Nov 27

10:00-13:00 – Session 3

10:00-13:00 – Online Forum Sessions

Geodesy, Architecture, and Construction

Maryna Babenko, Igor Medved`, Tamas Csoknyai. Life cycle assessment of triple zero building of straw-based materials

Giorgi Mindiashvili. Multispectral and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data for Mineral Exploration. Case of study of Okriba Ore occurrence, Georgia.

Giorgi Mindiashvili. New data about Garta ore deposit. Georgia.

Volodymyr Verba, Alaa Abdalah, Fatima-Ezzahrae Oubuih. An experimental study of beams made of autoclaved aerated concrete masonry units

Stepan Havryliak, Bogdan Demchyna, Mykhailo Surmai, Leonid Vozniuk. Analysis of the use of 3D printing technologies in the construction industry

Stepan Havryliak, Bogdan Demchyna, Mykhailo Surmai. Use of 3D technologies in the field of construction

Roman Tytarenko, Roman Khmil. Concept to evaluate the non-failure of strengthened RC columns

Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Vladimir Tarasevich, Siyamak Shahab, Denis Martsinkevich. Quantum-chemical calculation and biological activity of chalcoon derivatives

Liubov Poliuzhyn, Ruslana Kosiv. Influence of the yeast rate on the content of taste and aromatic substances in beer

Iryna Koval, Alina Constantin. The gases nature effect on the water disinfection process from bacilli

Oksana Orobchuk. Improving the technology of kvass

Stepan Kolobych, Ihor Poliuzhyn. Gas-liquid chromatography retention indices: application, databases, prediction from analyte structure

Olena Nikitchuk, Anastasiia Kucherenko. Activation of the polymer surface with finely dispersed zinc

Anastasiia Dmytriv, Veronika Chervetsova. Creation of symbiotic leaven based on Lactobacillus reuteri

Roman Subtelnyi, Sofiia Subtelna, Yevhenii Zhuravskyi. A statistical analysis and multiple linear regression of fraction c9 oligomerization initated by N-tert-butylperoxymethylene-N, N-dimethylamine

13:00-14:00 – Lunch break

14:00-15:00 – Official Forum Closing

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