Благодійницька конференція “Економічна безпека в глобальному середовищі (ESGE-2022)”/”Economic Security in the Global Environment (ESGE-2022)” (КНЕУ+РМУ)

Шановні члени нашої спільноти, просимо вас прийняти участь, а також запросити своїх іноземних партнерів до нашої ініціативи.

Організатори: КНЕУ+РМУ. Зібрані кошти будуть направлені на гуманітарну допомогу Україні.

Деталі тут: https://esgeconference.tk/

Dear colleagues,

Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (KNEU) with the Young Scientist Council at the Ministry of Education and Science (YSC) would like to invite you to participate in the Charity Conference “Economic Security in the Global Environment (ESGE-2022)” which will be held June 29-30, 2022 (online format)

Deadline for submission of abstracts and for paper: June 15, 2022

Conference dates: June 29-30, 2022

The Conference ESGE-2022 has a charitable mission.

The mission of the ESGE-2022 is to introduce to the world scientific community the importance and role of Ukraine’s struggle for freedom, independence and democracy in building global economic security.

The main theme of the ESGE-2022 is The role of each country in the formation of joint efforts in the harmonious development of a democratic society, rights and freedoms of citizens, economic prosperity at the global level.

The main goal of the ESGE-2022 is to unite scientists, researchers, scientists and experts from universities, companies, institutions, agencies, associations and societies from around the world on a unique platform (platform) for exchanging ideas, opinions, principles and direct experience of Ukraine in building a free democratic society.

Areas of papers:

1. Global economic security: national models, international mechanisms.

2. Social security: priorities in the context of global challenges and threats.

3. Global security: managing Ukraine’s and international future.

4. Cybersecurity and global IT support in special conditions.

5. Geopolitical challenges for the public, financial and corporate sectors of Ukraine’s and foreign economies.

6. Tools of accounting, auditing and taxation in the formation of economic and financial security of civil society development.

7. Marketing in the development of global economic systems.

8. National security of Ukraine: international and national legal aspects.

9. Business, Economics and Social Developments and ets.

10. Sustainability and European Green Deal.

11. Multidisciplinary papers related to more than one discipline.

Publication Opportunities:

1-Abstract paper Proceedings Book with ISBN.

2-Full paper Proceedings book with ISBN.

3-River Publishers (indexed in Scopus and IEEE) : Topic: “Emerging Technologies and Adoption Strategies in Insurance Sector” / Selected papers will be announced in 7 days after Conference ESGE-2022.

4-The Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance, and Risk Management (JCGIRM) / https://jcgirm.com/

December issue in ESGE-2022.

5-The Journal of Economics and Financial Research http://www.jeafr.com/en/homepage/

6- Apple Academic Press. CRC Press. Naylor & Francis Group (indexed in WEB OF SCIENCE, Scopus and Google Scholar). Call for Book Chapters “Digital Analytics Applications for Sustainable Training and Education”.

7- The institutions of engineering and technology. Call for Book Chapters “Intelligent multimedia technologies for financial risk management: trends, tools and applications”.

8- Scrivener publishing Wiley. Call for Book Chapters “The Impact of Climate Change Sustainability Standards on the Insurance Market”.

Submission to MAIL: esge2022kneu@gmail.com

Please indicate the number of the direction (areas from 1 to 10) in which you send your materials on top of your materials.

The Conference ESGE-2022 has a charitable mission. The Registration Fee and Donations will be sent to the Fund for Reconstruction of Cities of Ukraine and humanitarian purposes.

Fee, Min 25 USD per paper, and if you wish possible donate more to recovering of Ukraine’s current conditions. Last day of payment June 10, 2022. Please use the official account opened by the National Bank of Ukraine for the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine for humanitarian purposes and to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians affected by russian aggression.

QR-code for payment:

More information and details for payment in different types of currencies can be found at:


Please send your Payment document during register for each paper.